The Senior Mechanical Engineer defines and evaluates architecture in area of expertise for system modules and components of multi-mechanical engineering systems. The incumbent designs components and systems modules using mechanical design CAD tools; conducts theoretical mechanical analysis using CAD tools; performs empirical analysis, interpreting and evaluating experimental data to formulate conclusions; documents and communicates designs, specifications and project status; fabricates prototypes; develops test plans, test specifications and design verification experiments; conducts competitive technology analysis; and participates on multi-mechanical engineering development teams.

Principal Responsibilities

+ As a team member of R&D, develops the instrument with focus on user and business requirements, compliance, quality, reliability and cost;

+ Develop mechanical system, module and component of IVD product;

+ Analyze the design input, generate technical solution and organize technical review, design 3D model and create 2D drawing, test and verify the engineering prototype;

+ Solve the technical problems during product development; Decrease the product cost by design or localization;

+ Ensure the documentation takes place according to the design control and compliance process in medical device industry;

+ Communicate with cross function team to solve the problems related to quality, cost, schedule, requirement, material, and etc.

+ Sr. Mechanical Engineer needs to have well-organized self-leadership, can provide end to end solution;

+ Be able to provide solution proposal considering multiple affecting factors in complicated situation;

+ Learns to develop and track project plans

+ Participates on multifunctional teams and may lead small projects

+ Knowledge of development process

+ May design and conducts experiments independently

+ Processes and analyzes data using appropriate statistical approaches

+ Disseminates information to professional colleagues through reports, presentations or data reviews

+ Reviews and approves junior Engineer’s work

+ Approves resolutions to manufacturing discrepancies

+ Requirements

+ Master’s degree in mechanical field with minimum 5 years’ work experience, Bachelor’s degree in mechanical field with minimum 7 years’ work experience

+ Be Familiar with common engineering materials; Be familiar with the structure design and manufacturing process of machining part, sheet metal part and injection part; Be familiar with the surface treatment process

+ Have rich experience in 3D modeling software such as SolidWorks; Be familiar with the 2D drawing making with the standard drawing making principles.

+ Have rich experience in tolerance analysis and calculation; Have practice about problem solving about dimension control issue by tolerance analysis

+ Experienced in fluidics control, temperature control or motion control is preferred

+ Be familiar with product development and design control process, be familiar with the design requirement search and study, design solution creation and review, prototype engineering test and verification

+ Be familiar with the technical problem-solving process

+ Applies analytical skills and independent judgment to develop innovative, practical and regular solutions to a wide range of complex problems

+ Works with minimal guidance and begins to expand knowledge and skill sets beyond own area


+ 作为仪器研发团队的成员,在设计中关注用户和业务需求,合规,质量,可靠性和成本等;

+ 根据项目和部门要求,开发IVD相关产品的机械系统、部件和零件;

+ 分析设计输入,创建技术方案并组织设计评审,设计零部件的详细结构并创建3D模,制作2D 工程图纸,跟进样品及测试验证;

+ 解决产品中的技术问题;对现有产品进行降成本设计;

+ 确保设计过程文档符合医疗行业质量法规要求;

+ 与跨职能团队成员一起沟通解决其他的与质量、成本、需求等相关的问题

+ 高级机械工程师需具备良好的自我管理能力,能够提供端到端的问题解决方案;

+ 能够提供解决方案并考虑复杂环境下的多因素影响;

+ 学习制定和跟踪项目计划

+ 参加多功能团队,并可能领导小型项目

+ 具备开发流程知识

+ 可以独立设计和进行实验

+ 使用适当的统计方法处理和分析数据

+ 通过报告,演示或数据审查向专业同事传播信息

+ 审核并批准初级工程师的工作

+ 批准针对制造差异的解决方案


+ 机械工程类硕士毕业并在相关领域工作5年以上;或本科毕业并在相关领域工作7年以上;

+ 熟悉常用的工程材料特性;熟悉机加工、钣金、注塑件等的结构设计及相关制造工艺;熟悉表面处理工艺

+ 熟练使用SolidWorks或其他3D建模软件,熟悉工程制图原则并熟练制作2D图纸

+ 熟悉公差分析及计算,了解设计基准的运用,能熟练分析与尺寸或精度相关的技术问题

+ 熟悉流体控制、温度控制、运动控制并具有相关实践经验者优先

+ 具有精密仪器、精密设备类设计经验者优先;具有医疗器械行业相关设计经验者优先

+ 熟悉医疗器械硬件产品开发流程及设计控制流程,了解产品开发过程中设计输入的收集与确认、设计方案的评审、样品的验证与测试等

+ 熟悉技术问题的解决方法,善于发现问题并有条理地解决问题

+ 运用分析能力和独立判断力,针对各种复杂问题开发创新,实用和常规的解决方案

+ 在最少的指导下工作,并开始将知识和技能范围扩展到自己的领域之外

Danaher Corporation and all Danaher Companies are equal opportunity employers that evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other characteristics protected by law. The “EEO is the Law” poster is available here.

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